Evolving Our Brand Identity

Evolving Our Brand Identity

We are excited to announce and share with everyone a new brand identity for SecureKi. We’ve updated our logo, wordmark, typeface, and brand colors to better reflect who we are today and the ongoing evolution and growth of our company. But fret not! We’re still the same SecureKi, just with more space to grow.


Our new logo consists of a redesigned logo glyph that depicts a password keypad with blocks symbolizing our encryption keeping our customer’s credentials secure, stylized in the shape of an “S” to capture our mission to secure the digital identities of our customers (as seen from the video below).

The result was a cleaner, modern design creating a better user experience.




Our logo wordmark has elevated to an all-uppercase font, using Messina Sans to project a fresh and modern voice for the logo and brand. It also gives off a sleek, professional look, giving the brand a more distinguished feel.


We are introducing an expanded color palette for our brand colors. Keeping the previous orange color as our primary brand color in mind, we’ve updated it into our new SecureKi Orange that is less saturated and easier on the eye. We’ve also decided to go with green for our secondary brand color (SecureKi Midnight Green & SecureKi Dark Green) to represent our growth better in an industry that is awash with blue.

We hope you love our new look and feel. Our customers (that’s you) will always remain at the heart of our brand, and that’s why we want you to have the first insight into our brand evolution. So, what’s next for us? Stay tuned — as we’re just getting started!

🧡 The SecureKi Team