Endpoint Privilege Management

Secure and protect endpoints across your business, implementing least privilege security without impacting productivity


Empower and protect

Endpoint Privilege Security is pivotal in any defense strategy, offering critical protection where cyber threats often initiate and culminate. SecureKi’s EPM acts as the primary shield against such threats, forming an essential element of any robust endpoint protection strategy.


Your first line in cyber defense

Remove local admin rights while improving user experience
Implement granular control over application usage with application whitelisting and policy management
Easily elevate applications on-demand without admin rights, enhancing team productivity without IT intervention

Establish Least Privilege with Zero-Trust Best Practices

With zero-trust best practices, achieve greater security management and prevent network breaches by enforcing access control policies based on the principle of least privilege.

Whitelist Everything

Our whitelisting capability helps safeguard your system against malware and unauthorized users when combined with the application management life cycle. This reduces the risks of data leaks and the risk that an intruder can steal your organization’s confidential information.

Maximizing Productivity with Ease

Securing your environment has never been easier. Elevate applications on-demand without requiring admin credentials or IT support. And with our intuitive dashboard, you can control who can use what applications on your endpoints at a glance. It doesn’t matter if you’re in charge of 10 computers or 10 thousand — greater visibility is the key to success.

Elevate your identity strategy today

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