Adaptive Multifactor Authentication

Protect your organization with our Adaptive Multifactor Authentication, offering a smart, phishing-resistant authentication experience loved by users across the board.




Google Cloud’s 2023 Threat Horizons Report found that 86% of breaches involve stolen credentials.

Secure every corner

Adaptive MFA secures your entire digital landscape— from VPNs, Windows Endpoints, RADIUS servers, and beyond by providing a security layer that intelligently adjusts authentication measures based on each access context, keeping unauthorized access at bay.

Flexible security: Dynamic authentication methods

Providing user-friendly authentication methods does not mean you’ll add unnecessary friction to your experience. With various login options provided, users get to choose the one that best fits their workflow.

SMS and email One Time Password (OTP)
Supports mobile fingerprint-sensor for FIDO authentication
Mobile time-based OTP token
Supports Apple devices using Face ID authentication
Supports Palm and Finger Vein Scanner and even offline login

Seamless integration with real-time adaptation

Easily integrate our adaptive MFA with your existing systems, enhancing security across your digital ecosystem with real-time adaptive measures tailored to each access scenario.

Stay ahead with proactive security alerts and analytics

Get instant alerts and in-depth analytics on authentication events, enabling proactive responses to security incidents and streamlined compliance reporting.

Elevate your identity strategy today

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