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Founded in 2013, SecureKi has rapidly evolved into a leader in identity security, specializing in advanced solutions to secure and manage credentials. Our journey began with a clear vision: to empower organizations to protect their digital identities efficiently and effortlessly. As we’ve established significant footprints in the APAC region, such as South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand, we are committed to our mission of shaping a safer digital future.

At SecureKi, we leverage industry-leading technologies to offer unparalleled identity security services. Our solutions are crafted with precision, catering to the unique needs of businesses across various sectors. We understand the importance of digital identity in today's interconnected world and are dedicated to providing robust, user-friendly security solutions.

Our team, a blend of seasoned experts and innovative minds, drives our success. We foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement, ensuring that our solutions stay ahead of emerging cybersecurity challenges.

As we continue to expand globally, our commitment remains unwavering: to empower every organization we work with to navigate the digital landscape confidently and securely, today and tomorrow.


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Discover why our clients trust and love our SecureKi's Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution. With over a decade of expertise in PAM advisory and implementation in Malaysia, we offer proven, end-to-end security for privileged access. Our PAM solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse industries, ensuring comprehensive protection and streamlined access management. Learn how we've helped businesses enhance their security posture on our PAM solution page.

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